500 Words

Writing QuotesOnce upon a time, I was a blogger. My debut took place sometime after I set up a MySpace profile, but well before I created a Facebook account. Yeah, it was a long time ago. I had just moved across an ocean with my husband and our dog, and suddenly, I had stories to tell and observations to analyze – and blogging was the perfect vehicle to do that.  

I’d always thought of myself as a writer, but blogging gave me my first platform. It was the first time anyone beyond my professors (and my mom) read anything I wrote. And it felt good! The strange blend of fear, anxiety, and excitement that came on as I hit the publish button, the constant refreshing of the page to see comments, the rush of confidence I felt when the post received praise. I was addicted. I didn’t always love the actual writing of the post, but oh man, I loved having written it.

But then my time in Africa ended,  and while I tried to keep a new version of the blog going, life got in the way. The hours I spent in South Africa obsessing over my next post seemed frivolous. So, I began to question the point of the blog. What was  my theme? Who was my audience? And what right did I have to think anyone wanted to hear my thoughts and opinions anyway?

So, I stopped. I told myself it was okay because I had found a new outlet for my writing. My job in marketing kept me publishing my work regularly, even if I wasn’t exactly passionate about the subject matter. But it’s not the same thing, obviously. And I missed the blog. I missed writing…just for me.

Each time I thought about starting a blog again though, I came back to the same questions of who, what, and why.  But I’ve recently accepted that if I wait for those answers, I may never do it. And writers should write – not just write to pay the bills, but they should write to say the things they want to say! Or if they’re like me, they should write to figure out what it is they’re thinking and feeling.   

I realize this post isn’t exactly selling my blog to you, the reader, but that’s not the point. At least not yet. For now, this space really just serves as an accountability platform where I publicly commit to writing 500 words each day (well, each school day anyway!). 500 words is a half of what the masters suggest a writer should achieve each day, but I’m a working mom of 3 kids so I’m cutting myself a little slack.

What will I write about? Nothing too deep – movies, books, TV, running, parenting,  cooking, the meaning of life.  For the moment, anything goes here!

I can’t guarantee it will be pretty or cohesive or even grammatically correct, but it’s a work in progress. And it’s mine.

And that’s my 500 words.


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