Best Laid Plans

goalsSo, I’m not exactly off to a great start here with my 500 words resolution. But instead of scrapping it all after failing on day 2, I’m going to pick it back up and keep trying. I am wondering, however if the goal of publishing something every weekday is a bit lofty, but Gretchen Rubin says the things you do every day are easier to accomplish than the things you do periodically. Or something like that. The idea being, I’ll be more likely to write if I do it every day than if I set the goal of writing on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We shall see.

Writing more isn’t my only goal for 2017. I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but I do like the idea of a fresh start in a new year. My potential to change and to do better just seems greater at the start of something new. I recognize, however, that we don’t change overnight, so instead of resolving to never do X again or commit to doing Y every day, I’ve created a list of things I want to do, and am resolving to do them more frequently. While this may seem like a half-assed approach to goal setting, I have taken the extra step of tracking my progress on these items. So, for example, drinking more water is a goal. So I’m checking off each day that I drink 64 ounces of water. This is one I actually have managed to do every day so far in January. Yay me.

Some of my other goals are also focused on health – eat less sugar (no sweets at all in January!), run an average of 3 miles a day, and stretch for 5 minutes every day. I also  have a goal to simplify the possessions in our home, so I said I’d find 10 items to give away each day. This may not be the best approach though, because on day 1, I was kind of on a roll but then stopped myself after 10 items so I could “save them” to be my 10 items for the next day. That seems counter productive, so I’ll have to think that one through.

I also set the goal of checking Facebook less often. It’s not that I find myself depressed about my life when I check Facebook. I mean, I am just as guilty of the comparison game as the next person, but for me, the real problem with Facebook is the time suckage it presents. There’s just something about the mindlessness of scrolling through my newsfeed that provides a much needed break for my typically overloaded brain. And it’s fine to take that break, I  guess, but I’ve been known to hop over for a quick mindless scroll and look up to discover I’ve lost half an hour. This is a problem. So, while I’m not swearing off Facebook forever, I am striving for less. What does that mean? I’m still figuring it out. I deleted the app from my phone, but I really think it’s the web app while that poses the bigger problem because it usually happens when I’m trying to work on something at the computer. For now, I’m tracking the days that I don’t get on Facebook at all. So far, there have only been a handful, but I am definitely wasting less time on it. Might need to find a better way to measure this though.

My final goal for the year is by far the hardest, but I’ll tell you about it tomorrow because I’m already above and beyond my 500 words.


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